Cliche as it sounds, where did that time go? Archie’s 2nd birthday was upon us already and he had one hell of a week planned.

Being only a couple days after the Father’s Day trip to Skegness, we had momentum and the little man’s birthday came just a couple of days after on the 22nd. As he is a proper little LAD now, he is fairly easy to buy presents for. This years hotlist was cars, dinosaurs or anything ‘Paw Patrol’. I’m getting excited now as it can only be a matter of time before I can get my old lego out to play with.

The excitement of his big day had clearly got the better of Jordan as she was first awake in the morning and rushed to get the birthday boy up and ready to go and open presents! As all parents will know, the evening before a birthday is spent building up toys and setting up presents ready for when the little ones wake up. Christmas Eve is of course spent cleaning ready for Santa to arrive 😉

“Daddy’s To-Do list” included building Archie’s; dinosaur teepee, Paw Patrol scooter, a crazy coupe and countless dinosaurs and toy cars. As head photographer, it was Jordan’s job to oversee and tell me how I was presenting it all wrong haha.

We decided after opening the presents and having breakfast that we would take Archie to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers theme park. Luckily, on our fridge, we had amassed a large collection of 2-4-1 vouchers to various attractions across the UK.

Upon arrival, we were shocked to find the park was half empty. Which slightly annoyed us as whenever me and Jordan have been in the past it was heaving, but as it was the little man’s day we were more than happy to instead head for the small queue of the Postman Pat parcel post ride.

We were pleasantly surprised at how good CBeebies land really is for little ones. As well as the small rides such as Postman Pat’s parcel post, the in the night garden magical boat ride and the get set go treetop ride, there was also plenty of live shows to watch and take part in. This even included a dedicated area for some shows with characters of CBeebies. A personal highlight for me was the ‘Furchester hotel live show’, which is basically a spin off show of Sesame St. – WOW only two years as a parent and I totally understood all of that, apologies to anyone who didn’t.

The day after his party was spent playing with all of Archie’s toys as well as preparation for BOTH of his parties for the following day (Saturday). A few months ago me and Jordan had the bright idea that we would host two parties for the little man. The plan was to have one party at the local soft play for all of his little friends followed by an open house/ BBQ type party at our house for family and friends. A good idea but in theory, but in practicality, we were arranging two parties in one day… never again.

The hour in the soft play area was spent chasing Archie through small tunnels and throwing him into the ball pit. I think its fair to say I was done after about 20 minutes. Jordan however, refused to “tag me” out of it as she was mingling with the other parents. The party room for food afterwards was decorated in a ‘Paw Patrol’ theme. The pups were literally everywhere, the table covers, the plates, the napkins, the balloons, the cups, his birthday cakes and even the wrapping paper for the pass the parcel prizes.

While I’m on the subject of pass the parcel, Jordan took it upon herself to prepare the prizes and wrap them for the children. I think Archie’s party may hold the record for “World’s fastest game of pass the parcel!”. Jordan bless her only wrapped the prizes up once haha! Fortunately for us, most the children were under 3 years old and were pretty much unaware of what was going on anyway. I will never let her forget it.

After his first party, we rushed home to prepare for his 2nd one. Who else knew that 2nd birthday parties were so boozy? There was enough wine, beer and cider to serve a Stag party rather than a 2 year old’s… It was all consumed anyway for good measure.

Hosting two parties does have its benefits, at least of course for Archie as he yielded twice as many piles of presents! Where me and Jordan were going to put all of his gifts was anyones guess! Freddy dog also enjoyed the party as I’m pretty sure he’s never eaten as much BBQ food in his life haha.

When it was all over, its safe to say that for the next two days me, Jordan, Archie and Freddy dog were all beaten and basically spent the rest of the weekend lounging around eating and drinking left overs.

Thanks for reading everyone! We’ve been very busy over the last few weeks as we’ve had to deal with Archie’s big day as well as 3 weddings in the same time period so thanks for being patient.

Much love x

Archie enjoying his party food.

Jordan enjoying CBeebies land a little too much.

Archie meeting Ubercorn from Go Jetters.

Being the centre of attention as per usual.


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