The next few posts will be a series going over the weddings me, Jordan and Archie had been to this year. Each day was beautiful. Each was utterly exhausting. Any parents out there will know what I’m talking about.

Unlike the hit romantic comedy film of the 90’s starring a fresh faced Hugh Grant and the over-the-top thespian Simon Callow, our series of MANY weddings involved a very excitable toddler.

From the end of last year the invites started flooding in. Although thrilled and happy to be invited to spend all of these special days with our close friends and family, the fear of having to get through the whole day with Archie was real.

The first wedding of the year was the coming together of my good friend Steve and his bride Lisa. I was chuffed to bits to also be asked to be his best man. The big day was back in March. The night before the wedding, I had to commit to my best man duties and stay with Steve calming his nerves… and lavish in a beautiful Italian meal with his family.

Jordan on the other hand had to contend with getting Archie bathed and into bed followed by the rush of getting both herself and the little man wedding ready. I was so upset I couldn’t help when the Ferrari arrived in the morning to take me and Steve to the beautiful venue in Nottinghamshire. To my amazement however, on our arrival in the flash car, Jordan and Archie were there waiting there for us!

For the next hour, I went into full best man mode and greeted people on their arrival. For some reason though, I was much more nervous than Steve who seemed completely chilled. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was also having to be in best dad mode chasing Archie around the grand old building making sure he didn’t knock any expensive looking ornaments over.

The big moment was upon us all and we made our way into the ceremony room prior to the arrival of the main lady. The room was decorated brilliantly with so many beautiful flowers and full credit has to go to Steve! I didn’t realise he had an eye for that sort of thing… maybe Lisa helped a little thinking about it haha.

We had now been at the venue for around an hour and half. It was becoming evident that Archie was due a nap. He did have his own seat but I turned from where I was standing at the front to see Jordan wrestling him and holding a toddler shaped rugby ball. The alarm bells started ringing.

Onto the arrival of the bride and the best ever groom reaction… EVER! The music began and in came the bridesmaids. I could see Steve having a mental battle within himself to hold back the emotions. Eventually he got a first look at his bride and broke down, the moment was amazing and there really wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Meanwhile, the scrum between Jordan and Archie continued.

After the ceremony and during the pictures, we checked into our room for the night and tried to get Archie down for a nap. I was then somehow roped into helping the photographer with the lighting equipment for the intimate photos of the bride and groom. Pretty sure I didn’t ruin the moment for them with my awkward timed jokes haha. I also unfortunately missed out on the free bar during these antics, so somebody owes me a beer.

I went back to the room to get Jordan and Archie to come down for the dinner service. Archie had his own special meal and treats, which was a nice touch.

It was now time for the main event of the day, my speech. It was abit of a blur to me, but I was told by my better half that I “was full of it“. The speech went on for around 20 minutes and ended to thunderous applause. The gags I put in seemed to go down very well. Phew.

Once the disco started up Archie was pretty much sorted, a theme that will become very apparent over this series of posts. He was the first on the dance floor and pretty much one of the last people off it.

To conclude, the first few tips of this series for getting through a wedding with a toddler are;

  • Have a room booked at the venue.
  • Have an endless supply of fruit/ yoghurt pouches.
  • “Tag” your better halves in at appropriate intervals.
  • Push the newlyweds to get the disco started ASAP!

Thanks for reading everyone. The next post in this series will be completed soon!

Much love. Tom, Jordan and Archie xx

The three of us before the ceremony.
Behaving during intimate photos.
The newlyweds x

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